What is QuillBot, and is it safe?

What is QuillBot, and is it safe?

November 3, 2023 privacy 0
QuillBot is an AI-based tool for paraphrasing text while retaining its original meaning. It helps you create unique content by making the writing process easier than ever. However, is it actually safe to use? Read on and find out everything you need to know about the security aspect of using QuillBot.

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What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an AI-powered writing tool that uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced machine learning algorithms to rearrange sentence structures in a number of different ways without changing the meaning. This tool can also summarize your text, translate it, check it for plagiarism, increase sentence length, and correct the spelling. The number of features you get depends on whether you use the free version or the premium one. QuillBot comes as a web-based application and an add-on for Google Chrome and MS Word. Since its launch in 2017, millions of people have used QuillBot for writing and editing articles, academic papers, and other types of text. Naturally, there has been lots of debate whether AI-based paraphrasing/writing tools like QuillBot are a form of cheating because they make it easy to plagiarize other people’s works.

Is QuillBot safe?

Yes, QuillBot is safe. This writing tool hasn’t had any security breaches or data leaks. It implements many safety measures that make your information inaccessible to outsiders. What’s more, using QuillBot as a web app instead of an add-on makes it even more reliable — generally speaking, online tools are a safer option than the ones you need to download. However, no website or tool is 100% safe. You should always practice basic cyber hygiene like having an up-to-date anti-malware program, using strong passwords, and implementing a reliable VPN for Quillbot. When it comes to QuillBot, online safety is not the only aspect people are concerned about. Students who are using QuillBot to plagiarize their academic works instead of writing original content might wonder whether plagiarism tools like Turnitin can detect QuillBot. There is no single answer to this question. Even though QuillBot’s paraphrasing process makes it difficult for plagiarism checkers to detect paraphrased writing, it’s not an impossible task for an advanced AI detection tool. In short, it is safe to use QuillBot to produce original content, but there are no guarantees with paraphrasing work stolen from other writers.

What security measures does QuillBot take?

QuillBot takes many security measures to protect your private information. For example, the company often checks the tool for security flaws in order to prevent hackers from getting unauthorized access to user accounts. Additionally, it implements a strict confidentiality policy and limits the number of employees who handle personal info. When it comes to financial data, QuillBot offers safe payment options (like credit cards and PayPal) that use SSL/TLS encryption and have both SOC and PCI certifications. It’s also important to note that Quillbot’s add-on doesn’t detect single-line text input fields that can contain sensitive data like payment information or passwords, decreasing the chances of accessing anything personal.

What data does QuillBot collect?

QuillBot collects several types of data. For starters, you will be asked to accept the site’s cookies. Then, you’ll need to provide a username and an email address if you want to create an account. And here is the info that QuillBot can access when you use its application: Device information. The tool detects your IP address (which, in turn, reveals your location), internet service provider, operating system, device model, and the type of your web browser (Chrome, Mozzila, etc.). Usage information. QuillBot keeps track of the date and duration of your visits. Also, it stores any text you enter into the paraphrasing tool, plagiarism checker, or the co-writing tool. Additionally, the browser extension uses such information as your emails, chats, and documents to train its artificial intelligence in real time without storing the data. Payment data. When you upgrade to a premium account, your payment service provider might share certain limited payment info with QuillBot, including the last four digits of your card, the card’s expiration date, and the token number. QuillBot’s privacy policy is open about the data collected, which makes QuillBot a legit company that isn’t trying to be sneaky. However, it’s a good idea to check the policy from time to time in order to know about any changes.

Pros and cons of QuillBot

Even though QuillBot is safe to use, you might still be wondering whether it is truly for you. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the tool that might help you make up your mind: QuillBot advantages Let’s look at the pros of QuillBot. Secure payment options. Strong encryption for the text entered. Frequent security checks. Possibility to use the free version of the tool without creating an account. QuillBot disadvantages Here are some of the drawbacks of QuillBot. The tool collects a lot of data, including your location, device info, and usage info. Quillbot stores the text you enter into the paraphrase tool and the plagiarism checker. The browser add-on has access to most things you type out, including chat boxes.

How to improve your security when accessing QuillBot

Even though QuillBot implements many security measures, you can make your writing sessions even safer by following a few basic guidelines. For example, you can use a disposable email address when creating an account if you don’t want to reveal your real one. Keep in mind that you’ll need to confirm your email in case you decide to upgrade to premium. Even though QuillBot offers extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, you can simply use the paraphrasing tool as a web-based application. Staying away from unnecessary downloads reduces your chances of getting infected with malware or giving out more private data than wanted. Of course, don’t enter any personal information into the tool itself. Passwords, phone numbers, your mother’s maiden name, or even juicy details about your life — these should stay away from QuillBot’s text box. You should also avoid plagiarism if you want QuillBot to be safe from being detected. During the writing process, paraphrase original ideas only. And if you decide to paraphrase external sources, properly cite the sources and name the original authors. In this way, using QuillBot is legal even in the academic environment. {SHORTCODES.blogRelatedArticles}


So the answer to the question “Is QuillBot safe?” is “Yes, definitely.” It is a legit tool that takes significant security precautions to protect your privacy, especially if you use it responsibly. By using QuillBot, you can easily edit your original writing, replace words, and change sentence structures with a single click. Remember — it is a great tool for producing original text, and it’s not ethical to use QuillBot for cheating. You should always include proper citation to avoid plagiarism. Thanks to AI-based paraphrasing tools like QuillBot, even people with poor writing skills (but enough common sense) can now produce high-quality content.

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