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Secure enclaves: The key to data security

Chances are you’ve never heard about anything like secure enclaves. Imagine an extra-protected safe where you can keep your valuables but can’t really open. Instead, a technician comes to your house, checks if you’re the true owner, and then opens it up for you. Secure enclaves protect sensitive data on your device in a similar…
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September 19, 2023 0

What is remote printing and how does it work?

Remote printing allows you to use a printer without having access to the device itself. Remote print access can be useful, especially for employees working out of office, but it also comes with some risks. In this article, we explain how remote access printing works, and how you can print documents safely. What is remote…
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September 18, 2023 0

Is OnlyFans safe? Safety tips for users and creators

OnlyFans is a legitimate social media platform for sharing content with fans for a monthly fee. Regardless of whether you are a content creator or a fan, you should be aware of the security measures OnlyFans has in place and also the risks related to using the platform. Contents Is OnlyFans safe? Security measures on…
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September 17, 2023 0

Tor network guide: What is the Tor browser, and how can you use it?

The Tor network is an online privacy-enhancing solution that you can only use with its designated browser. You can download and start using the Tor browser to protect your IP address and online traffic from tracking and snooping. Contents What is Tor? What is the Tor browser? How does Tor work? What is the Tor…
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September 5, 2023 0

Is LastPass secure? A password manager review

LastPass is a password manager that stores your passwords and personal information in an encrypted password vault. It aims to{‘ ‘} maximize your cybersecurity and make your online account logins more convenient. Read the article to discover if LastPass is safe and how it works. Contents Is LastPass safe? How does LastPass work? Master Password…
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September 1, 2023 0

Screen sharing: A simple explanation

Screen sharing technology has revolutionized how people communicate, collaborate, and offer remote support. It has brought flexibility and convenience to many people’s professional and personal lives. In this article, we will explore what screen sharing is, how it works, and the advantages it offers as well as discuss its safety features and the most popular…
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August 31, 2023 0

Docker vs. virtual machines: What’s the difference?

Docker and virtual machines (VMs) are technologies that shape how organizations deploy and run applications. While Docker uses containerization to ensure lightweight environments, VMs operate with a complete operating system, offering a more isolated experience. This blog post will explore the technical nuances of Docker and VM, including their advantages, disadvantages, and differences. Contents What…
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August 23, 2023 0

What is I2P and how does it work?

If privacy is important to you, you might want to use I2P, a privacy-focused networking tool. It’s similar to the Tor system, but with its own distinct flavor. Let’s look at its pros and cons. What is I2P? Invisible Internet Project (or I2P) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) anonymous network layer tool, which protects you from…
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August 7, 2023 0

Is ID.me Safe? Understanding the security and reliability of the verification service

ID.me is a tool for remote identity verification, allowing users to access online accounts with facial recognition. However, it doesn’t have the best track record for transparency or efficiency. In this article, we’ll explain what ID.me is, how it works, and what risks users of ID.me might face. What is ID.me? ID.me is a service…
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July 28, 2023 0

Is Discord safe? 2023 online safety guide for parents

Discord is popular with young people, especially in the online gaming community, but parents should be mindful of potential security risks. Children and teens on Discord could be vulnerable to bullying and cyberattacks. In this article, we explain how safe Discord really is and how to stay protected while using it. Contents What is Discord?…
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July 25, 2023 0