How do I stop pop-up ads on my Android phone?

How do I stop pop-up ads on my Android phone?

June 26, 2023 privacy 0
Pop-up ads on Android can be annoying at best and dangerous at worst. Hackers can use online ads to spread malware, so it’s important to be able to block pop-ups. In this article, we’ll show you how to block pop-ups on Android, using Chrome and Firefox. How to stop pop-up ads on Android Shutting down your Android phone’s unwanted pop-ups will depend entirely on what type of pop-ups you’re getting. Browser pop-ups can be stopped with your browser settings and a third-party app, while with home screen pop-ups, you will need to adjust your Android settings or get a suitable third-party app as well. How to stop pop-up ads on your Android browser Most popular Android browsers will have settings that let you restrict or completely eliminate pop-ups. The instructions will depend on which browser you use, but start by searching the settings menu and you’re sure to find something that will help. How to stop pop-up ads on your Chrome browser You can set your Chrome browser to block pop-ups by following these steps.

    Open your Chrome browser on Android. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner to open a dropdown menu. Tap “Settings” > “Site settings” > “Pop-ups and redirects.” Toggle “Pop-ups and redirects” off.

The same process will work if you want to disable pop-up blockers, but we recommend that you keep this system enabled. How to stop pop-up ads on your Firefox browser The Firefox browser has the capacity to block pop-ups automatically.

    Open your Firefox browser on Android. Tap the “Menu” bar and tap “Firefox.” In “Permissions” check the box for “Block pop-up windows.”

Third-party apps to block ads on Android Third-party ad blockers available on the Google Play Store can give you a greater level of control over the ads you see and can provide all sorts of additional security and privacy features. These are great for restricting annoying ads and notifications and for keeping you secure as well. AdBlock Plus: This is a popular and reputable ad blocker that works well and can be used with or without rooting. We don’t recommend rooting, because doing this eliminates many protections that keep mobile users safe. NordVPN + Threat Protection + Private DNS: The NordVPN app has a feature called Threat Protection that blocks ads and scans incoming files for malicious malware and URLs. Use this VPN to help keep you safe from malicious attacks. Private DNS, on the other hand, ensures that malicious ads or links can’t launch DNS swapping attacks against you to steal your data. You can get the app from the Google Play Store or from our site. Why am I suddenly getting pop-up ads? If you are suddenly seeing pop-ups on your device, it could be because your browser’s pop-up blocker has been switched off. This could be the result of an update or just a technical glitch of some kind. Follow the instructions above to make sure the blocker is active. A sudden increase in pop-up ads might be the result of malware or adware on your device. If you’ve recently downloaded a new app and are now seeing pop-ups, remove that app. If the pop-ups cease, the app was almost certainly the problem. Another possibility is that you previously enabled an app or add-on for blocking ads and, for some reason, it has been turned off. Ad-blocking browser ad-ons are very popular, but you should double-check that they are still switched on from time to time. How do I get rid of a pop-up ads virus? Persistent, unwanted pop-ups may be the result of a virus or other malware. To remove the virus, start by uninstalling any software you recently added to your device, as the pop-up program may be hidden inside a seemingly innocent application. Next, set up an antimalware program on your device and have it scan your system for potentially harmful software. Remove any that it finds. As a rule, using antimalware is a good idea even if you don’t think you have a virus yet. Of course, the best thing you can do is take preventative steps, so you don’t get malware in the first place. Using antimalware and ad blocking software is a good place to start. Also, never click on or interact with pop-ups, especially if they warn you about malware or viruses — fake virus warning pop-ups are a common tactic that hackers use to spread malware. How to avoid pop-up ads on Android Unfortunately, most Android devices and OS versions do not have a universal setting to block pop-up ads on your home screen (you can disable lock screen notifications). Whatever your end goal is, you will need to identify the app creating the pop-ups or notifications on your Android phone. Once you have done so: Adjust your app’s settings: It could be that your legitimate app is sending those pop-ups or notifications in good faith. If so, your app should include a toggle to turn its pop-ups and notifications off. Finding them will depend on your specific app, but even if it doesn’t include such a toggle, there is another way. Restrict app system permissions: Android also has an Apps tab under your system settings where you can let the Android system adjust apps’ permissions. You can use this function to shut off notifications and restrict other permissions. Remove the offending app: If an app is causing the pop-ups, uninstall it. If you do so, this should remove pop-ups generated by the software. If it’s truly a malicious app, start up your phone in Safe Mode to make sure you can remove it without interference.


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