Cloud storage that puts privacy first

Cloud storage that puts privacy first

April 8, 2024 privacy 0

Concerns about digital privacy cannot be overstated – data breaches are only on the rise, threatening individuals and businesses alike. That said, it’s not all doom and gloom, and setting up a secure digital environment is easier than ever. One tool that helps improve online safety is NordLocker – an encrypted cloud storage service that aims to keep all your private files secure and accessible only to you and those you choose to share them with. Let’s see how NordLocker’s cloud storage can make your file management easier without putting your security at risk. Why the Cloud? Consider how you store different items in your house. You probably keep the things you use most frequently in easy-to-reach areas and display your most-loved photos on walls and surfaces. However, when it comes to sentimental items or private documents, it’s more likely that you have designated a drawer or similar location to ensure they’re securely stashed. Wouldn’t you say that the same rules apply to your digital belongings? Perhaps you’re using external hard drives for travel photos and have a designated corner on your desktop for random downloads and screenshots. How do you approach the storage of sensitive documents like password-protected paychecks, ID scans, contracts, medical bills, or any other information that you want to keep for your eyes only? Storing important files locally runs a serious risk of sudden item loss. If your device is infected, requires a complete reset, or simply breaks unexpectedly, your storage can be lost in seconds. That’s where encrypted cloud storage with NordLocker comes in. It provides a secure digital locker to store all your private files so you can access them on any device. Cloud storage also allows you to save space on your device. With cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about running low on your internal storage. Instead, you can transfer files to your encrypted vault, freeing up space on your device without the need to rely on external hard drives or USB sticks. Our cloud storage is built on three core principles: privacy-focused storage, secure sharing, and easy access. Let’s see how they can improve your file storage and management. Privacy-focused storage Data security is our priority number one. That’s why NordLocker is an encrypted cloud storage service, built on zero-knowledge architecture. This means that the only person who knows what you store and can access your files is you. No one else can get inside your vault without your authorization – not even us. All your files are instantly encrypted when you upload them to the cloud, keeping them safe at every step. Our private ecosystem extension ensures that you have complete access control of your data. Thanks to the cutting-edge combination of cryptographic algorithms and ciphers, your files are protected from threats like unauthorized access. You can also enable multi-factor authentication as an extra security step. That way, attackers can’t get inside your file vault even if your device is breached or stolen. Secure sharing with friends Forget about sending sensitive files over social media or unencrypted cloud services. NordLocker makes sharing simple and lets you remain in control of your storage. All you have to do is create a password-protected link and share it with those you want to have access to your photos, videos, or documents. Sharing access is restricted to the specific file or folder, meaning that the rest of your vault remains completely private. Unlike Meshnet, NordLocker allows you to share files with people outside of your private network. They also don’t need a NordLocker account to access the files – the sharing link works with just the access code. In addition to private sharing, other users can add files to your storage. Need quick access to a contract? Send a unique request that lets the recipient upload files to your cloud. Synchronized access on any device Last but not least, NordLocker’s cloud storage enables easy access across all your devices without compromising your security. All your files are synchronized automatically and instantly, ensuring you can access them anytime you need, no matter where you are or which device you’re using. Need to access your passport scan, but you’ve left a printed copy at home? Store it in your encrypted cloud vault and access it on your phone or desktop in seconds. Transferring files from your old laptop to a new one? Speed up the process with cloud synchronization. NordLocker makes file handling secure and convenient at every step. Start using NordLocker cloud storage Getting started with NordLocker is easy. Upgrade to NordVPN Complete or NordVPN Ultra and enjoy 1 TB of cloud storage as part of your bundle. If you’re subscribed to a different NordVPN plan, you can sign up for the free NordLocker plan and get 3 GB of free encrypted storage. You can read our article about NordLocker’s cloud storage and learn more about how it works. Already a NordLocker user? Simply go to the NordLocker application on your device to access your cloud. } subtitle={} />

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