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Almacenamiento en la nube de alta seguridad: el modelo del siglo XXI

La privacidad digital es un derecho que tienen todos los usuarios. Almacenar archivos en la nube con un sistema que evite las filtraciones de datos es un requisito imprescindible. Dicho esto, anunciamos que configurar un entorno digital seguro es más fácil que nunca. NordLocker es la herramienta que te ayuda a mejorar tu seguridad online,…
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May 7, 2024 0

Cloud storage that puts privacy first

Concerns about digital privacy cannot be overstated – data breaches are only on the rise, threatening individuals and businesses alike. That said, it’s not all doom and gloom, and setting up a secure digital environment is easier than ever. One tool that helps improve online safety is NordLocker – an encrypted cloud storage service that…
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April 8, 2024 0

SASE란 무엇인가요? SASE 개념과 용도

보안 접속 서비스 엣지(Secure Access Service Edge)의 약자인 SASE는 네트워킹과 보안 기능을 단일 플랫폼에 결합한 클라우드 네이티브 아키텍쳐를 의미합니다. 이는 보다 유연하고 원활한 내부 네트워크로의 전환을 의미하며, 사용자에게 더 간편한 보안을 제공합니다. SASE의 주요 기능과 이를 통해 얻을 수 있는 이점을 살펴보세요. SASE란 무엇인가요? SASE(‘싸씨’라고 읽습니다)는 통합 광역 네트워크(WAN)와 서비스형 보안 엣지(SSE) 기술을 통합하여 단일…
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March 28, 2024 0

What is STaaS? Storage as a service explained

People are constantly generating data. Even this article is data — and it has to be stored somewhere. Managing and storing data is an important part of many businesses, and with the demand for more storage space growing exponentially, new technology has emerged to help us deal with it. Today, we will explore storage as…
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January 23, 2024 0

What is a cloud data platform? Benefits and use cases

Data management is important for any business that deals with large quantities of information on a daily basis. Cloud data platforms show plenty of promise for becoming the new standard for corporate data storage. Their capability to handle both structured and unstructured data gives companies a competitive edge in data processing. Learn more about how…
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December 16, 2023 0

What is CaaS, or cloud as a service?

Cloud as a service (CaaS) is a business model that allows cloud service providers to host various cloud services through their servers and provide them to companies for a price or subscription fee. The model has allowed for better scalability and flexibility and lower costs. Many businesses rely on cloud computing providers to manage cloud…
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December 4, 2023 0

What is cloud computing, and how does it work?

Cloud computing provides an array of ready-made tools for businesses and individuals to fulfill almost any idea in IT they may have. As a platform, it can ease the burden of managing vast amounts of data, providing easy access, speed, and the possibility to scale. Find out about the types of cloud computing, the services…
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November 30, 2023 0

Que signifie cloud computing et quels en sont les avantages ?

De plus en plus d’entreprises ont adopté le cloud pour gagner en efficacité, accélérer l’innovation et réduire leurs coûts. Découvrez en quoi consiste le cloud computing, ce qui distingue les différents types de cloud et quels avantages ils présentent pour les organisations. Sommaire Qu’est-ce que le cloud computing ? Les types de cloud computing Cloud…
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November 29, 2023 0

SASE: Definition, fördelar och begränsningar

När gränserna mellan det fysiska och digitala suddas ut och företag tar steget in i en framtid där molntjänster och distansarbete är normen, så ökar även behovet av en ny typ av nätverkssäkerhet. Det är här SASE, Secure Access Service Edge, kommer in i bilden som en revolutionerande lösning för att navigera det komplexa landskapet…
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November 19, 2023 0

SASE explained: Definition, importance, and main benefits

SASE is a cloud-native structure that combines networking and security functions in a single platform. It represents a significant shift toward more flexible and seamless internal networks that bring security closer to the users. Let’s take a look into the main features of SASE and what benefits it can bring. Contents What is SASE? How…
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August 10, 2023 0