VPN awareness in Hong Kong and Taiwan

VPN awareness in Hong Kong and Taiwan

June 29, 2023 privacy 0
Taiwan and Hong Kong have faced internet freedom and privacy challenges for years. With privacy reforms and restrictions imposed by mainland China, maintaining online privacy has been difficult. If you’re in Hong Kong or Taiwan, a VPN could help. But do people in Hong Kong and Taiwan use VPNs? Let’s unpack the results of a recent NordVPN study to find out.

Contents Do people in Taiwan and Hong Kong use VPNs?{‘ ‘} What are the typical VPN users like in Hong Kong and Taiwan? Have VPN awareness and usage changed over the years? Do people in Hong Kong and Taiwan use free or paid VPNs? Choose a VPN you can trust
Do people in Taiwan and Hong Kong use VPNs?

A{‘ ‘} NordVPN report {‘ ‘} shows that VPN awareness and use are high in Hong Kong. Almost nine in{‘ ‘} 10 (87.2%) people aged 18 to 54 know what a VPN service is. Half of the population (50.2%) use a VPN. VPN awareness and usage in Taiwan are above average but not as high as in Hong Kong. Over seven out of 10 Taiwanese people (72.8%) aged 18 to 54 are aware of VPNs, with nearly four out of 10 (36.9%) using them. The data is unsurprising, given the proximity of Taiwan and Hong Kong to China. Due to the geopolitical situation with China and the very real and direct threat of internet censorship being enforced in their country, it’s clear why the populations need to be aware of all the security options available. This is reflected in the percentage of the public that knows about VPNs.

What are the typical VPN users like in Hong Kong and Taiwan?

A typical VPN user in Hong Kong is female and 25 to 44 years old. In contrast, a typical VPN user in Taiwan is male. In both regions, typical users are employed and earn enough to be able to save for the future.

Have VPN awareness and usage changed over the years?

In Hong Kong, VPN awareness increased between 2021 and 2023, from{‘ ‘} 83.1% to 87.2%. VPN usage hasn’t changed and remains high, with about half of the Hong Kong population aged 18 to 54 using one in 2023. VPN awareness in Taiwan increased between 2021 and 2022, with 69.3% aware of VPNs in 2021 and 72.8% in 2022. VPN usage has also stayed high, with 36.9% of Taiwanese using a VPN in 2022.

Do people in Hong Kong and Taiwan use free or paid VPNs

As any cybersecurity expert will tell you, it’s always best to go premium if you want the best quality and security available. While the option of a free VPN is enticing, you must remember that a service needs to make money somehow. If the service is free, your data is normally the price you pay for it. Free VPN services may not have the same encryption strength as premium ones and can even opt to sell user data on to third-party advertisers. The survey showed that free VPN usage is high in Hong Kong, with just over{‘ ‘} four in 10 (40.6%) VPN users in Hong Kong opting for free VPNs. However, over five in 10 (52.9%) {‘ ‘} pay for VPN services, showing that the majority of users understand the benefits of paying for a trusted VPN provider. People in Taiwan seem to be favoring free VPNs. The survey showed that most people ( 56.6%) choose free VPNs despite the cybersecurity risks. Just{‘ ‘} a third (32.9%) of VPN users in Taiwan use paid VPNs. The data indicates that more needs to be done in Taiwan to educate people about the risks of choosing{‘ ‘} free VPNs over paid services. Nearly two out of five (37.5%) Taiwanese VPN users mainly use a VPN to protect the privacy of their data and online activity. However, their privacy and security are not guaranteed if they turn to free VPNs. Free VPNs are typically less secure than paid VPNs, with some service providers even selling user data to third parties.

Choose a VPN you can trust

Both nations have shown an upward trend in awareness of internet tracking and a growing distaste for it, as indicated by the surge in VPN popularity. However, using a VPN to improve your privacy and online security is only effective if people choose a reliable VPN that puts their needs first. Free VPNs don’t have the resources to invest in reliable infrastructures and may even track and sell user data. Using a VPN that tracks and uses your browsing activity to profit defeats the purpose. If you’re looking for a reliable VPN for Hong Kong or Taiwan, NordVPN is an independently audited VPN service with{‘ ‘} 70+ servers in Hong Kong {‘ ‘} and over{‘ ‘} 100 VPN servers in Taiwan . You can trust it to keep your information safe without worrying about having your information sold to third parties.

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