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What is traceroute and how does it work?

Traceroute can help you identify the reason why a network is running slowly. A simple tool available on most major operating systems, it highlights faulty network nodes and inefficient routing paths. In this article, we explain what traceroute is, how it works, and why you might want to use it. What is traceroute? Traceroute is…
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August 23, 2023 0

How much internet speed do I need? How many Mbps?

You just got a new broadband connection. The ad promised exceptionally high speeds, and you can’t wait to stream that new blockbuster in 4K or engage in a fierce online battle with your flatmate. However, for some reason, it’s not working as it should. Your game still lags, and movies sometimes look pixelated. You keep…
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June 21, 2023 0