Police to access Ring surveillance cameras in Mississippi

Police to access Ring surveillance cameras in Mississippi

November 10, 2020 privacy 0

Vice reports

“On Tuesday, Jackson, Mississippi’s city council signed off on a 45-day pilot program that would let police access Ring surveillance cameras in real time.

In partnership with technology companies PILEUM and Fūsus, the pilot program will run through the police department’s surveillance hub, the Real Time Crime Center, from which Jackson’s police department can stream Ring surveillance camera footage.”

If you did need any other reason NOT to purchase a ring let this be the straw.

“Ultimately, what will happen is residents and businesses will be able to sign a waiver, if they want their camera to be accessed from the Real Time Crime Center,” Lumumba told WLBT-TV. “It would save [us] from having to buy a camera for every place across the city.”

While harmless sounding, this basically allows authorities 24/7 access to your camera.


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