NordVPN releases virtual servers in new locations

NordVPN releases virtual servers in new locations

March 7, 2024 privacy 0

To meet our customers’ needs, NordVPN is introducing a new set of virtual servers early this spring. Among the newly accessible locations are those where the ability to establish a network of physical servers is limited. Find out the new locations you’ll be able to access through NordVPN services. Access to more locations worldwide Throughout March 2024, NordVPN will introduce 50 new virtual locations for its users to choose from, with even more to be added in the future. The new places for virtual VPN servers were handpicked from around the globe and were chosen in reaction to our clients’ rising demands and needs. It’s an important step for NordVPN, given that we used only physical VPN servers in the past. The places chosen for allocated virtual servers have one thing in common – establishing high-quality physical servers there remains a challenge. In this situation, virtual servers come as an optimal solution, providing speeds and connection quality equal to that of a physical server. Virtual servers vs. physical servers The main reason NordVPN considered using virtual servers was to provide users access to locations where the possibility of establishing physical servers is scarce, usually because of a limited physical server infrastructure. Virtual servers operate through dedicated physical servers placed outside of the targeted country. The physical servers are configured to resolve an IP address to match the IP of a country different from the one where they are actually located. This configuration eliminates the need for a physical server to be grounded in a targeted country to access its network. In January 2024, NordVPN released its first virtual server in India, with its dedicated physical server located in Singapore. This pilot project proved to be a success, encouraging us to take another step and offer more virtual locations for our users. Below is a list of virtual servers — with their respective physical servers located in other countries — that will soon become accessible to NordVPN users. These new virtual locations will become available with the latest app updates – make sure not to miss them!

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