How To Opt Out of OKCaller – And Why You Should Do It

How To Opt Out of OKCaller – And Why You Should Do It

December 18, 2023 privacy 0

OKCaller is a Florida-based phone number search website that claims it provides “useful analytics to help individuals better understand their new and existing contacts.”

The information found in the website’s search results includes the names of phone number owners. The service also collects information when users order or register on their site. You may be asked to enter your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, or credit card information. Users are allowed to use the site anonymously.

OKCaller does not charge a fee for its services.

Phone number search, people-search, and data broker websites are totally legal and can be used to determine who owns the number that’s been calling you, or help you find friends, family, and classmates. However, websites like these can also be used by less than honorable types who are looking to stalk someone, track down exes, or gather information that could be used for identity theft and other nefarious schemes.

Happily, it is possible to get your personal information erased from OKCaller and similar websites. In this article, I’ll lead you through the steps of manually removing your personal data from OKCaller. I’ll also tell you about an easier way to get your personal information removed from OKCaller and similar websites.

Why should I opt out of OKCaller?

Websites like OKCaller make a good amount of your personal information available to anyone who performs a search. While people-search and data broker websites like these are legal, many people do not know just how much of their personal data is available on these websites.

Why would anyone need access to your personal data? While phone number and people-search websites like OKCaller can be used to determine phone number owners, and find friends, family, and classmates for totally honorable reasons, the websites could also be used by bad actors to gather personal information that could be used for identity theft.

ProPrivacy strongly recommends that its U.S. readers immediately opt out of having their personal information stored and shared by OKCaller and other similar websites. Our readers are also strongly recommended to remove their personal information from the hundreds of other phone number search sites, people-search sites, and data brokers.

How to opt out of OKCaller

It’s relatively easy to opt out of having your personal information shared by OKCaller and other websites of this type. However, there are hundreds of websites like OKCaller that likely have your information stored on their servers. 

You should also keep in mind that your information could be filed under multiple email addresses, variations of your name (for example, “Sam,” “Sammy,” or “Samuel” or filed under your maiden name), as well as previous postal addresses and phone numbers. 

Visiting hundreds of websites to track down and delete all of your records under multiple searches can be quite time-consuming. But you have all the time in the world, right?

To manually remove your personal information from OKCaller, do the following:

1. Start by visiting the OKCaller website.

2. Create an account.

register sign up

3. Once you’ve created your account, go to your personal dashboard and enter the phone number and address you want to have removed.

number listings

4. On the next page, scroll down the page until you find a section labeled “Edit Your Listing”. Click either “SMS Pin” if you wish a code to be texted to your device, or “Call me” to be phoned with a code. We’ll click “SMS Pin.”

edit listing

5. On the next screen, click “Send PIN” and when the text with the PIN arrives, enter the PIN in the provided field. Enter “UNKNOWN” in the “Caller ID” field, then click “Update.”

edit profile caller id

6. Now, if anyone searches for the phone number, they will see the owner as “UNKNOWN.”

I recommend scheduling a reminder every few months to return to the OKCaller website and make a search, simply to ensure that your data has not returned to the website.

How to remove yourself from other people-search sites

Your personal information has been removed from the OKCaller website, so your information is no longer out there, right? 

Dream on.

OKCaller is only one of hundreds of websites that may have your personal information stored on their servers.

Websites that may have your personal data can include (and there are plenty more):

As we covered above, it is relatively easy to manually opt out of people-finder and data broker sites. Unfortunately, manually opting out on every individual website can be quite time-consuming. I’m talking about “three weekends in a row” time-consuming.  Plus, even when you have all of your info removed, there is a good possibility that your information will make a return engagement to the site at a later date.

However, if you have a life, there is an easier way to remove your personal information from multiple websites, while entering your information a single time. For a usually reasonable subscription fee, a data removal service will simultaneously instruct data brokers and people-finder sites to delete your data, with little effort on your part.

The top data removal service to opt out of people-search sites

In this section, I’ll provide a closer look at the top-ranked data removal service.

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How to opt out of OKCaller FAQs

[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Does OKCaller sell or share my data?” answer=”According to the OKCaller privacy policy page, the company does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist OKCaller in operating its website, conducting its business, or providing services to you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.” /]]

[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Is OKCaller trustworthy?” answer=”The Better Business Bureau gives OKCaller a rating of ‘F.’ Other review websites say that while OKCaller provides good information about phone numbers, they are slow to respond to data removal requests, with the information sometimes returning to the website’s database.” /]]

[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Can employers use OKCaller to screen me?” answer=”OKCaller is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), which means that the information they provide cannot be used to make decisions about insurance, employment, consumer credit, or leasing. The website only provides information about the owner of phone numbers.” /]]

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