How to bypass the Texas Pornhub ban

How to bypass the Texas Pornhub ban

April 10, 2024 privacy 0

Texas and Pornhub are fighting, and you’ve been caught in the middle. 

You could try other sites, but how long until Texas pushes them out, too? Plus, with similar anti-porn actions in Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, Montana, Mississippi, Virginia, and Utah, will your favorite sites be banned across the nation soon? 

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If you don’t want to lose access forever, you need a VPN. It’s the only way to move your IP address out of the Lone Star state and enjoy unrestricted internet. 

But with every hot-blooded Texan scrambling to find a good Pornhub VPN, and every VPN jumping on the bandwagon in response – how do you find the right one? 

We’ve spent 10+ years testing VPNs against every imaginable restriction, from the US to China. When it comes to open access to video content, we only recommend five.

The best VPNs for accessing Pornhub in Texas: 

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These VPNs represent less than 5% of the VPN market. That means 95%+ didn’t make the cut. So, why did we pick them?

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Deep dive: The best VPNs for Pornhub in Texas

In case you’re still deciding, we’ll break down each VPN in more detail, including their privacy features and how they relate to the Texas porn restrictions.

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Methodology: how we tested the best Pornhub VPNs

We have no doubt the Texan government is watching everyone trying to bypass its censorship and looking for ways to punish them. 

So, when recommending the VPNs in this guide, we used strict technical criteria. Here’s a quick sample, so you can do the same: 

  • Server network: As these anti-porn laws become more common, it’s not enough to have servers outside Texas. You need a global network to access content from anywhere. 
  • Connection speeds: You don’t want your streams stalling halfway through, so we only picked VPNs with minimum impact on your internet connection. 
  • Access to content: Our five top VPNs guarantee access to your favorite porn, streaming, games, and gambling sites. They bypass VPN detections and constantly update their protocols.
  • Security: You’ll benefit from 256-bit AES encryption, leak protections, and other military-grade safety measures to hide from Texas’s legislators. 
  • Privacy: Strict no-logs policies, RAM-only servers, and other measures ensure the government can never access your data from your VPN. 
  • Value: We’ve only recommended VPNs with low-cost plans for numerous devices and 30-day money-back guarantees. There’s zero risk to trying them. 
  • Ease of use: You’ll be set up and protected in under five minutes, regardless of what device you’re using (phone, laptop, smart TV, etc.)
  • Customer support: Access 24/7 live human support, in-depth tutorials, and customer forums to answer any questions. 

Read our complete VPN review process to see every test and step we take before recommending a VPN and guaranteeing our editorial independence. 

How to setup a VPN for Pornhub 

To access Pornhub and similar sites through a VPN, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on the VPNs website. We recommend ExpressVPN – it only takes five minutes!
  2. Install the VPN on your device(s).
  3. Open the VPN app and configure it for your device.
  4. Select a server outside Texas. Try Europe. It will be fast and they have less censorship than the US. 
  5. Close your browser and reopen it.
  6. Visit Pornhub. 


You’re all set for uninterrupted access to Pornhub and any other website.

If you still encounter any issues, clear your browser’s cookies and restart your device. This ensures no residual location trackers have tagged you in Texas. Then, reconnect to the VPN and refresh your browser.

Can I use a free VPN to access Pornhub?

In theory, you could use a free VPN for Pornhub – but you won’t get very far.

Free VPNs are slow, offer limited privacy features, and restrict you to several servers. These servers quickly get crowded with other users. Especially as everyone in Texas is thinking the same thing!

But that’s not all…

VPNs are incredibly complex software, and need to make a profit. Premium VPNs achieve this via low-cost subscriptions spread between 100,000s of users. Free VPNs generate profit by much shadier, often illegal, methods. The worst examples we’ve seen include:

  1. Bombarding users with ads. They’re embedded directly on your browser and apps, and often contain malware like viruses and spyware.
  2. Sell your information. Data brokers, malicious advertisers, and hackers love VPN user data, and pay a premium for it.
  3. Host hackers and spies. Free VPNs have been caught opening their networks to bad actors for a fee, putting you in more danger than if you hadn’t used a VPN.

Considering all this, it’s clear why we recommend a cheap VPN over a free one. You’ll only spend a couple of dollars extra per month, but save yourself a lot of time and stress. 

FAQs on the Texas porn ban (and how to bypass it)

[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Did Texas ban porn?” answer=”Texas has not banned porn. The state’s government passed an age verification law in 2023, forcing porn sites to ensure all visitors are over 18 years old. Companies that don’t comply with the law face fines ranging from $10,000 per day to $250,000 one-time penalties.  Pornhub appealed the law, but lost the case in March 2024.  Immediately after losing its appeal, Pornhub blocked IP addresses in Texas from accessing its website so it could not be found liable for breaching the age verification requirements. ” /]] [[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Is porn illegal in Texas in 2024?” answer=”No, porn itself is not illegal in Texas in 2024. However, the new age verification law makes it illegal for porn sites to operate in the state without implementing age checks.  The law means you may need to prove you’re 18 or older before you can view pornographic content in Texas in the future. This could require submitting credit cards or signing up to an age verification service with your personal details.  The law is still being challenged in various courts, so there could be changes in the future. But if you don’t like the idea of submitting your personal and financial information to a porn website, you should sign up for a Pornhub VPN instead. ” /]] [[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Does the Texas porn ban breach my First Amendment rights?” answer=”Whether Texas’s age verification rules breach the First Amendment is still being decided in courts.  The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, which includes adult access to certain types of content, including pornography. However, exceptions can be made. The Texas government argues it has a legitimate interest in protecting children from accessing harmful material like pornography, exempting porn sites from First Amendment protections in this case. A recent court decision upheld the age verification requirement, finding it a reasonable way to achieve the goal of protecting children.  However, the same decision struck down other parts of the law, suggesting some limitations on restrictions. The current legal view is that requiring age verification might be permissible if it’s reasonable to restrict minors’ access without unduly burdening adults. The ongoing debate centers on whether the specific methods used for verification and the potential impact on adult access cross the line.” /]]

Bypass any ban in 2024 and beyond!

Picking the right VPN for Pornhub won’t just help you bypass Texas’s ban, it will boost your security, privacy, and overall internet experience – regardless of what you do online!

You can log on with peace of mind, knowing the Texan government has no control over what you watch, play, browse, buy, or say. 

While we love ExpressVPN, you can try every VPN we recommended risk-free for 30 days and decide which is best for you. 

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