FastPeopleSearch removal: Learn how to delete your information

FastPeopleSearch removal: Learn how to delete your information

March 19, 2024 privacy 0

The idea that you can find in an instant that childhood friend who moved away may be heartwarming. But what about some weirdo that tried to follow you home after work finding information about you just as fast? Suddenly, data privacy and security becomes an integral part of your life. Today, let’s take a look at one of the most popular people search sites — FastPeopleSearch. In this article, you’ll find out what kind of information it might have about you and all the different ways you can delete it forever. Why should you remove your information from FastPeopleSearch? FastPeopleSearch is a public records search engine that aggregates data from various sources: government records, court records, social media profiles, and other publicly accessible databases. You might wonder — if that data is publicly available anyway, what’s the problem? For one, it’s a very convenient one-stop-shop for someone who might want to stalk or doxx you. But what’s worse is that even if you delete your public social media account, the information that was on it might still be available on FastPeopleSearch. The platform allows users to search for individuals by name, phone number, or address, providing detailed information, like phone number, email address, current and past addresses, relatives, and possibly even employment history or criminal records. Privacy concerns are the main issue, but there’s more to it than just feeling uncomfortable with your information being publicly accessible. Here’s what someone might do with all that data: Identity theft. With enough information about you, criminals can open accounts in your name, take out credits, and even commit crimes under your name. They can also impersonate you and contact your friends and family to extort money or for further data exfiltration. Physical danger. For people who have experienced stalking or harassment or escaped from abusive situations, having their location and contact information readily available can pose a direct threat to their personal safety. Inaccurate information. Databases like FastPeopleSearch often contain outdated or incorrect information about you. If someone found it, it could lead to misunderstandings, affect your reputation, or even impact your credit score and job prospects if used in background checks. Difficulty setting boundaries. Keeping your work and personal life separate would be challenging if your personal information was a quick search away. Removing it from the internet would help you maintain your boundaries and prevent unwanted contact. Intrusive marketing and spam. Your contact information can be used by marketers to send you spam emails and letters or even call you, offering endless MLM schemes. Removing your data from public databases can significantly reduce the amount of spam you receive. Removing information about yourself from the internet is always a good idea if you want more privacy, security, and control over your data. Luckily, deleting your data from FastPeopleSearch is a straightforward process. {SHORTCODES.blogRelatedArticles} How to remove your data from FastPeopleSearch Removing your information from FastPeopleSearch is a straightforward process — you have to place a formal request. Here are the steps you need to take: Go to Enter your email, check the box stating that you are requesting this data removal, and solve the CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a robot. Then, click the “BEGIN REMOVAL PROCESS” button. Begin Removal Process button in FastPeopleSearch Search for your record. Enter your full name and, optionally, city and state or ZIP code. Make sure you’ve found the correct record. Free Search button in FastPeopleSearch Click the “VIEW FREE DETAILS” button to open the record. View Free Details button in FastPeopleSearch Check if it’s the right record once more, and click the red “REMOVE MY RECORD” button at the top. Remove My Record button in FastPeopleSearch You will receive an email asking you to confirm the removal of your record. Click the button to confirm. Email link to remove FastPeopleSearch information That’s it — your record will no longer be available at FastPeopleSearch. However, make sure to remember to check back later — it can take some time for your data to be removed, but you should still follow up. What are the alternative ways to remove your data from FastPeopleSearch? If you prefer not to use online requests or if you encounter any issues with the removal process, there are alternative methods to remove your data from FastPeopleSearch: Contact form. FastPeopleSearch has a contact form you can fill out to contact their customer support about removing your data. Be clear and concise in your message, stating that you wish for your personal data to be deleted from their database. Phone call. Some people prefer speaking directly to a customer service representative to ensure their request is heard and understood. You can find a contact phone number here. When you call, explain that you want to remove your personal information from their records and have your details ready for verification. Mail. If you prefer or require a paper trail, sending a letter can be an effective way to request data deletion. Write a letter clearly stating your desire to have your personal information removed from FastPeopleSearch and include all necessary details to help identify your record in their database. Remember to ask for a confirmation receipt or reply to ensure your request has been processed. If you use any of these alternative methods, it’s important to provide enough information to allow the person on the other end to identify your record, but be cautious and don’t give more personal information than is strictly necessary. Keep in mind that the response time may vary depending on the method you choose, but you should follow up on your request either way. Remove your personal information from the internet automatically Tired of battling windmills for your personal privacy? Try Incogni — an automated data removal service. It’s a simple, user-friendly way to protect your personal data and privacy. Incogni’s data removal process covers various sources, including people search sites like FastPeopleSearch, data brokers, and other risky services. Sign up, fill out a form, and watch Incogni deal with data brokers for you. After all, the best way to protect yourself from identity theft is to have as little data about you available as possible. Yes, FastPeopleSearch is legal. It doesn’t steal the data — it simply gathers it from many different sources and displays it in one place. The information typically comes from public records, like voter registrations, property ownership records, and court documents, and publicly shared information on social media and other online platforms. ), }, { question: ‘How does FastPeopleSearch get my information?’, answer: ( FastPeopleSearch gets your information through a number of public and semi-public sources. Here are the main ways FastPeopleSearch and similar search engines gather information:

Public records. These include government records that are open to the public, like birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, property ownership records, voter registration lists, and court documents. These records are accessible to anyone who requests them, although the process can vary from one jurisdiction to another. Commercial data sources. FastPeopleSearch also buys data from commercial data brokers. These brokers collect information from subscription lists, financial institutions, and public surveys, among other places. They then aggregate this information and sell it to interested parties, including people search engines. Social media. Information you share on social media platforms can also be collected. This includes names, locations, employment history, educational background, and any other information you post publicly. ), }, { question: ‘Why does FastPeopleSearch have my information?’, answer: ( FastPeopleSearch has your information because that’s their business model — offering a collection of data on someone for a price. The data industry is very big, and having a detailed customer profile helps companies sell their products more accurately, so naturally, they want to get all the data they can. FastPeopleSearch also works as a B2C business model, allowing people to look up a long-lost relative, old coworker, or a random person they’re obsessing over. ), }, ]} />

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