Best VPNs for CoD Warzone: Boost Speed, Reduce Lag & Win More

Best VPNs for CoD Warzone: Boost Speed, Reduce Lag & Win More

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Call of Duty: Warzone stands as one of the most acclaimed battle royale titles, with over 100 million dedicated players worldwide. However, even expert players often get their performance hampered by high ping, excessive lag, and frequent disconnections. For most gamers, technical issues like these can quickly turn a match bound for a thrilling victory into a frustrating defeat.

Fortunately, a reliable virtual private network (VPN) can resolve most of your network problems. By encrypting your gaming traffic and routing it through dedicated optimized servers, the best VPN for Warzone will significantly reduce ping and stabilize your connections for lag-free matches.

Not all VPNs can match the speeds and latency requirements of Warzone and some may even worsen your gaming experience. That’s why we tested premium providers and compiled a list of the best VPN services for Warzone. Whether you’re pushing for higher ranks or simply trying to improve your K/D (kill/death) score by joining easier lobbies, these VPNs will complement your Warzone skills and unlock your true competitive potential.

We’ll closely examine each of the top contenders, along with step-by-step instructions on how to use them, later on in the article. But if you’re eager to quickly get back to your game, here’s a brief overview of our top recommendations.

5 Best VPNs for Warzone: Quick Overview

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Finding the perfect VPN for a competitive battle royale like Warzone can be a time-consuming exercise. That’s why we put in the hours of testing and analysis to identify the best options that’ll provide you with a performance edge. We evaluated each VPN contender based on the factors most vital for domination in Warzone.

  • Lighting-fast speeds for lag-free gunfights and navigation
  • Extensive server coverage in key regions to reduce ping
  • Solid security features to prevent attacks
  • User-friendly apps for desktops, mobile, routers, and more
  • Helpful customer support
  • Affordable pricing

All the recommended VPNs on this list excel in these areas, so you can focus on your skills and dominate the competition. If you’re curious about our VPN testing and review process, we’ve included our detailed VPN testing methodology later in this guide. For now, let’s jump to the full evaluation of the VPNs that made it to the list.

Best VPN for Warzone

Based on extensive research and testing, these are the best Warzone VPNs.

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VPN for Warzone testing methodology

To identify the best VPNs for Warzone, we conducted an in-depth evaluation based on the following key criteria.

  • Speed and latency: We looked for services that offered fast speeds with minimal latency and ping spikes. We tested speeds and ping times across local and international servers to ensure smooth and lag-free gameplay.
  • Vast server coverage: All the recommended VPNs boast extensive server networks, particularly in Europe and the Americas where most Warzone players are located. A larger server count reduces congestion risk and minimizes lag.
  • Robust security and privacy: We considered advanced security and privacy features, such as kill-switches, leak protection, and no-logs policies when choosing VPNs. The providers also offer robust encryption to protect against DDoS attacks and secure gaming data.
  • Extensive platform support: Our recommended services offer intuitive apps for all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS for seamless access. These VPNs also provide dedicated apps for routers with specific instructions to connect your gaming console.
  • Good value for money: We favored VPNs that offer affordable subscription plans and discounts. We ensured that the speeds, server network size, and features justified the VPNs’ subscription costs.
  • Responsive customer support: It’s important for VPNs to have 24/7 live chat and email support to ensure fast resolution of issues. The above services have knowledgeable and helpful support so you can get back to gaming in no time.

These factors provide a glimpse into the essential criteria we consider when assessing VPNs. If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, refer to our in-depth VPN review process.

Can I use a free VPN for Warzone?

Yes, but we don’t recommend using a free VPN for Warzone. Most free VPNs come with data and bandwidth limitations that can cause lag spikes and frequent disconnections. They also have small overloaded server networks that can’t meet the high speed and low ping requirements of competitive online gaming like Warzone.

Free VPNs also lack advanced security and privacy features and protocols. They have weak encryption and often no leak protection that can expose you to potential DDoS attacks which can crash your game.

Poor or non-existent customer support is another issue that plagues most free VPNs. For smoother and more secure Warzone sessions, we recommend using premium VPNs with free trials over a free option.

How to use a VPN for Warzone?

Setting up a VPN for Warzone is easier than you might think. You only need to install a reliable VPN, connect to a server, and launch the game. Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

  1. Get a VPN compatible with Warzone. We recommend ExpressVPN for its fast speeds, solid security, and vast server network. It provides lag-free gaming even in bot lobbies.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Open the client app and log in to your account.
  4. Connect to a server. Choose a dedicated gaming server to get the best gaming experience. For easier lobbies, choose a server location where the game isn’t popular (more on this later).
  5. Launch Warzone and enjoy shooting easier targets.

How Can a VPN Get You Easier Lobbies in Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone normally pairs you with players that have a similar or better skill level and kill/death average. But there are times when you just want to pile up some quick victories and conquer the leaderboards.

Luckily, a quality VPN can trick the game’s skill-based matchmaking (SBMm) algorithm and place you into easier lobbies. While Activision has never officially acknowledged SBMm in Warzone, its presence is an open secret among players. The matchmaking algorithm analyzes your stats and places you into lobbies with players of similar skill levels.

A VPN lets you mask your real skill level by changing your IP address and location. Simply connect to a server in a region where the game isn’t as popular, such as Egypt or Argentina.

Based on the altered IP and ping, Warzone will now assume that you’re a novice player from that country and will match you against less-experienced opponents. This allows you to rack up some quick stress-free wins, boost your K/D ratio, and inflate your stats. Just be sure to deactivate the VPN when done playing so you don’t get stuck in less challenging foreign lobbies.

VPN for Warzone: FAQs

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A VPN for Warzone allows you to bypass the game’s skill-based matchmaking algorithm. By connecting via foreign servers, you can mask your location and stats, and place yourself into weaker lobbies with less-experienced players.

A reliable VPN can also enhance your performance by reducing lag and latency when gaming. Most of the recommended providers offer optimized servers for fluid Warzone gameplay.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Will I get banned for using a Warzone VPN?” answer=”

No! Using a VPN solely to improve security and reduce lag doesn’t violate Warzone’s Security and Enforcement Policy. However, intentionally manipulating your stats to evade the game’s matchmaking algorithms may cross the line into cheating and could result in a ban.

It’s best to keep up-to-date with the game’s latest policy and only use a reliable VPN that can evade Warzone’s anti-cheat system.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”What causes Warzone to lag?” answer=”

Latency issues and high ping frequently cause Warzone lag, resulting from the physical separation between you and the match servers. Connecting to remote servers, your data has more ground to cover, which can increase the delay between your input and on-screen actions.

Hardware limitations, such as insufficient RAM or outdated components, can also bottleneck system performance. Any component that can’t keep pace with Warzone’s demanding gameplay can result in lag.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Why is my VPN not working with Warzone?” answer=”

Start by ensuring that your chosen VPN is compatible with Warzone. If the issues persist, try changing countries or connecting to a different server location.

Additionally, swapping the VPN protocols can also fix connectivity issues. If your personal troubleshooting options don’t fix the issues, it’s best to seek assistance from customer support.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Will a VPN for Warzone prevent ISP throttling?” answer=”

Yes, a VPN can potentially prevent ISP throttling by encrypting your Warzone traffic. It obscures the fact that you’re gaming, thus preventing the ISP from deliberately slowing down your connection.

However, some ISPs broadly restrict all VPN traffic regardless, which may slow down your speeds despite using a VPN.

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