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How to set up a VPN: A step-by-step guide

Setting up a VPN enhances your online privacy and security. Setting it up depends on your device and VPN service provider, but the core principle is the same: establish a secure and encrypted connection. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a VPN. Contents How to set up a VPN How…
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September 20, 2023 0

NordVPN for Windows: Release notes

This is the place for the historical record of improvements and tweaks in the NordVPN app for Windows. Updating the app lets you enjoy the freshest online and privacy experience with NordVPN, and this makes us happy. That’s a win-win. NordVPN 7.12 We’ve given a speed boost for connections between peer devices in Meshnet. While…
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September 4, 2023 0

Binary memory protection measures on Windows OS

Binary memory protection is a core part of cybersecurity, but there are many different options for implementing it. In this article, we explore common mechanisms and protection measures for Windows OS. Why is binary memory protection important? You may remember when the Blaster worm struck the internet, or more recently when WannaCry{‘ ‘} caused global…
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June 27, 2023 0

How to fix the “Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration” error

“Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration” — have you ever encountered this error? It’s a common issue that many users experience, and it prevents them from accessing the web. But what is an IP configuration? And how can you fix it? What does the “Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration” error…
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June 16, 2023 0