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TCP 与 UDP 协议的比较及其差异

您的数据是否能快速且完整地传输,取决于您使用的网络协议是 UDP 或是 TCP。它们虽然完成相同任务,但使用不同方式。其中一种较可靠,而另一种较快速。请阅读本文以找出您适合哪种协议。 内容 TCP 是什么? UDP 是什么? TCP 和 UDP 如何工作? TCP 如何工作? UDP 如何工作? TCP 和 UDP 之间的主要区别是什么? TCP 与 UPD:速度差异 OpenVPN 使用 TCP 或 UDP? NordVPN 使用哪种协议? 常见问题 TCP 是什么? TCP(传输控制协议)是一种网络协议,通过互联网将您的数据从设备传输到网页服务器。每当您在 Skype 上与朋友聊天、发送电子邮件、观看在线视频或浏览网页时,都会使用 TCP 协议。 TCP 是基于连接的,因此在传输数据时会建立接收端和发送端之间的连接,并在传输过程中始终保持这种连接。它能确保数据完整无损地到达。由于其可靠性,TCP 是受欢迎的互联网安全协议。 TCP 具有以下优点: TCP 独立于操作系统运行,有助于在系统和设备之间实现更大的互通性。 TCP 在传输数据时会检查错误,以确保发送的数据完整到达目的地。 TCP 根据接收端的容量进行优化和调整传输数据的速度。 TCP 会确认数据已到达目的地,如果第一次传输失败,会尝试重新传输。 尽管 TCP 有上述优点,但也有一些缺点:…
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What are network protocols?

Without network protocols, different devices and servers could not communicate with each other, and the internet just wouldn’t work. But what are network protocols exactly? Learn about what they are, how they work, and how network communication protocols differ from network security protocols and network management protocols. Contents Network protocol definition Types of network protocols…
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What is the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)?

The ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is a protocol used by devices to diagnose network communication problems. Network administrators commonly use it to determine whether networks work properly, but it can also be abused by hackers to launch DDoS attacks. Contents What is the ICMP protocol? ICMP vs. TCP What is the function of the…
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November 8, 2023 0

What is HTTP/3, and should you enable it?

HTTP3 is the latest version of HTTP — the hypertext transfer protocol. HTTP enables browsers and servers to communicate on the web. And as the internet evolves, so does HTTP. Meet its newest upgrade, HTTP3, and learn how it differs from its predecessors, how it works, and whether you should enable it. Contents What is…
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November 6, 2023 0

TCP vs UDP: A comparison of the protocols and their differences

Whether your data is transferred quickly and in full depends on which network protocols you use, UDP or TCP. They both do the same job but in different ways. One is more reliable and the other one is faster. Find out which one you need below. Contents What is TCP? What is UDP? How do…
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September 26, 2023 0

History of the VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) has become a synonym for robust online security. It creates an encrypted tunnel for your data to travel safely through the internet – as safely as if it traveled through your private network. Developed out of the necessity to save internet users from the rising scope of cyber threats, VPN…
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