What is Heartbleed? The Heartbleed vulnerability explained

Heartbleed is a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptography library carried out through the TLS heartbeat extension. Google Security first discovered this bug in 2014. However, it still is a security threat to many businesses and organizations. So it is crucial to understand how Heartbleed exploits vulnerable OpenSSL versions, its potential harm, and ways to…
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January 17, 2024 0

What is the SHA-256 algorithm, and how does it work?

Did you know that SHA has been protecting your passwords for decades? It’s like a secret code that transforms your passwords into an unreadable jumble of characters, making it nearly impossible for hackers to crack them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The SHA-256 algorithm is used much more widely than just password…
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June 20, 2023 0