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How to get a French IP address from anywhere

A French IP address is a great solution if you’re a resident of France and want to access French content from abroad. Choosing a French IP is also great for changing your virtual location and hiding your original IP. Let’s look at how you can get a French IP. Contents What is a French IP…
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September 12, 2023 0

What is an open proxy, and why has your IP address been flagged as one?

Open proxies allow you and anyone else on the internet to access and send your traffic through them. Even though open proxies enhance your online privacy, you should look into the risks of using one and check if your IP has been flagged as an open proxy. Contents What is an open proxy? What are…
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September 8, 2023 0

Vad är en proxyserver och hur fungerar den?

En proxyserver är en specifik typ av server som agerar mellanhand mellan individuella enheter eller ett nätverk av enheter och externa resurser. Det är ett värdefullt verktyg för att förbättra säkerhet och integritet på nätet. En proxy kan användas i många olika syften, men dess huvudsakliga uppgift är att se till så att all data…
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July 19, 2023 0

What is a rotating IP address, and how does IP rotation work?

A rotating IP address is when your IP changes at set intervals or each time you connect to the internet. As easy as it sounds, rotating IPs might be challenging to comprehend. Read on to learn more about IP rotation, proxy rotation, and its benefits. Contents What is an IP address rotation? Why you should…
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June 12, 2023 0