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iCloud Private Relay vs. VPN: Are they the same, and which one is better?

iCloud Private Relay and a VPN both hide IP addresses and encrypt online traffic. Seemingly similar, they are two distinct tools that cannot be considered alternatives to each other. Discover the similarities and differences between Apple Private Relay and a VPN and decide which is better suited for your needs. Contents What is iCloud Private…
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December 18, 2023 0

How to remove malware from your iPhone and other iOS devices

You can remove malware from your iPhone and iPad by clearing its browsing data, updating its software, removing unknown apps, and taking other steps we share with you here. If your device’s battery is running out sooner than expected or you are suddenly flooded with annoying ads, it could mean your device has been infected…
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October 14, 2023 0

Is iCloud Safe? A look at iCloud security

The iCloud storage service lets you keep your information secure and available across connected devices. Thanks to Apple’s comprehensive iCloud security features that protect your data, all you have to do is use them and make sure you don’t compromise your Apple ID credentials. Contents How secure is iCloud? Most common iCloud risks and vulnerabilities…
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October 3, 2023 0