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17 steps to prevent ransomware and limit its impact

Ransomware infection accounts for over 60% of all cyberattacks, with newer, more efficient ransomware variants emerging. This is why it’s important to always have a plan to prevent ransomware attacks on your system. Not only is this a good way to keep your data safe, but it can also function as an integral part of…
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March 19, 2024 0

What is phishing detection, and what strategies should you use?

Phishing (a type of cyberattack that causes its victims to leak sensitive information or compromise security measures) continues to be one of the top security threats today. To counteract this danger, individuals and organizations need to implement effective measures for identifying phishing attacks and increasing their resilience against them. But what exactly are the tools…
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November 30, 2023 0

What is an intrusion detection system and how does it work?

Every company owner employs a multitude of strategies to protect their business assets from shortfalls. Some can be as basic as a guard at the door. However, when it comes to network security, simple just doesn’t cut it. That’s why tools such as intrusion detection systems are necessary to help businesses protect their devices and…
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June 1, 2023 0