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DoS vs. DDoS: A comparison and differences in the attacks

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack, similarly to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, can hinder the network and make it unavailable for users. However, here’s where their similarities end. Find out the main differences between DoS and DDoS and the best ways to prevent these attacks from impairing your network. Contents DoS vs DDoS attacks: What are…
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December 6, 2023 0

DDoS 攻击:定义、类型和保护

DDoS 攻击可以扰乱组织的正常运作,导致用户无法访问网站和在线服务。这种恶意的网络犯罪是当今网络安全的主要问题。请继续阅读,以了解 DDoS 攻击是什么、它们如何工作,以及如何保护自己。 内容 DDoS 攻击是什么意思? DDoS 攻击如何工作? DoS 与 DDoS:有何差异? 如何识别 DDoS 攻击 DDoS 攻击的类型 TCP 连接攻击 巨流量攻击 碎片攻击 应用程序层攻击 DDoS 放大攻击的类型 DNS 反射 CharGEN 反射 DDoS 攻击的规模 DDoS 攻击的动机 DDoS 攻击的案例 2017 年的 Google 攻击 2020 年的 AWS DDoS 攻击 2022 年的 Cloudflare 攻击 DDoS 是否合法? 可以追踪 DDoS 攻击吗? DDoS 攻击的预防 VPN…
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November 7, 2023 0

DDoS attack: Meaning, types, and protection

DDoS attacks can disrupt the normal functioning of an organization, rendering its website and online services unavailable to users. This malicious cybercrime is one of the primary cybersecurity concerns today. Read on to find out what DDoS attacks are, how they work, and how to protect yourself. Contents What is a DDoS attack? How does…
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July 27, 2023 0