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Fuite de données : définition et causes

Une fuite de données peut engendrer diverses conséquences pour ses victimes, allant des tentatives d’hameçonnage ciblé au piratage de comptes, en passant par l’usurpation d’identité. Quelle peut être l’origine d’une fuite de données ? Vos données personnelles ou financières sont-elles en danger ? Dans cet article, nous vous expliquons en quoi consiste une violation de…
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March 24, 2024 0

Was ist ein Datenleck? Was tun, wenn man betroffen ist?

Immer wieder hört man von Unternehmen, bei denen es zu Datenlecks kommt, durch die persönliche Daten von Personen, Kunden und Klienten offengelegt werden. Aber was genau ist ein Datenleck? Wir zeigen dir, was du tun kannst, wenn du von einem Datenleck betroffen bist und wie du dich proaktiv schützen kannst. Was ist ein Datenleck? Ein…
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March 12, 2024 0

Data sharing: What is it and why is it important?

Data sharing is at the heart of how the internet works. Individuals, companies, and websites share data constantly. This article will explain the various forms of data sharing and help you make your data more secure. Contents What is data sharing? How should you share data? What are the methods of data sharing? Data sharing…
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January 7, 2024 0

¿Qué es una brecha de seguridad y cómo ocurre?

Una brecha de seguridad es la fuga de datos personales y otro tipo de información que, de forma accidental o intencionalmente, terminan filtrándose en internet. Por lo tanto, terceras personas pueden acceder a datos que hasta ese momento habían estado protegidos. Esta es la definición de brecha de seguridad en el contexto tecnológico, pero también…
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December 25, 2023 0

What was the Kronos ransomware attack, and how did it happen?

Kronos, a workforce management company used by over 40 million people, suffered a ransomware attack in late 2021 when the Kronos Private Cloud was compromised. This affected thousands of employees and prompted many companies to look for alternative workforce management cloud providers. Years later, Kronos still hasn’t recovered. Read on to learn what this attack…
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November 9, 2023 0

Cyber threat monitoring explained

Good cyber threat monitoring practices can protect an organization from dangerous cyberattacks. Learn what cyber threat monitoring is, how it works, and why you absolutely need it. Contents What is cyber threat monitoring? How does cyber threat monitoring work? Why is cyber threat monitoring important? How can you monitor cyber threats? How to use live…
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September 20, 2023 0

Data leak notification on an iPhone: View and secure compromised passwords

“This password has appeared in a data leak, which puts this account at high risk of compromise. You should change your password immediately.” Your personal data is at risk if you’ve got this message on your iOS device. This blog post will explain what to do if you get such a notification and how to…
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August 29, 2023 0

What is Redline Stealer, and how does it work?

A relatively new type of malware, RedLine Stealer has security enthusiasts on their toes. It’s evasive and hard to detect by various security tools. It’s also easily accessible for threat actors to purchase, making it malware to be aware of. Let’s look into what threats RedLine Stealer brings, how it works, and the best ways…
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July 13, 2023 0