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What is a tracking pixel, and how does it work?

You’ve probably never seen a tracking pixel, but they’ve almost definitely appeared on your screen before. Tracking pixels allow companies to gather useful marketing information and assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. But what are they, exactly, and how do they work? Contents What is a tracking pixel? How tracking pixels work Inserting a tracking…
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September 27, 2023 0

Can private browsing be traced on the iPhone?

Private browsing is a helpful tool to hide your search history on many devices, including your iPhone. But have you ever wondered how much privacy the private window actually grants you? Let’s find out how effective Safari’s incognito mode is and how to enhance it. Contents What is private browsing? How to turn on private…
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August 6, 2023 0

What are zombie cookies, and can you block them?

Zombie cookies sound like something out of a horror comedy flick and for good reason. A zombie cookie is not your regular website cookie created to enhance user experience. These insidious third-party cookies can come back to life right after you delete them, just like the undead. So let’s look at how they work, how…
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June 28, 2023 0

What are internet cookies?

Cookies can speed up web browser performance and improve your internet experience. While some are harmless, others can cause problems and infringe on privacy. So what are cookies on the internet and what do they do? In this article, we explain cookies and show you how to manage them. How internet cookies work Internet cookies,…
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June 7, 2023 0