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Zero-party data: Definition, examples, and use cases

Zero-party data gathering is a strategy that websites use to collect information about their users. In this post, we’ll define what zero-party data is and explain how companies collect it. Since online privacy is becoming increasingly important to all internet users, we’ll offer some tips on how to protect yourself from online tracking. What is…
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April 11, 2024 0

Supercookies: wat zijn ze en hoe kun je je privacy beschermen?

Supercookies zijn kleine stukjes code die je in het geheim volgen en informatie over je verzamelen. Ondanks hun leuke naam vormen ze een grote bedreiging voor de online privacy – ze laten zich namelijk niet makkelijk verwijderen. In dit artikel leggen we uit wat supercookies zijn, hoe ze werken en welke maatregelen je kunt nemen…
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March 25, 2024 0

What is search history, and how is it different from browsing history?

These days, it’s easy for various entities, such as ISPs and search engines, to track everything you’re doing online. There’s nothing wrong with this if you want to record your online activity for your reference. However, it quickly becomes a privacy issue when your past activity — including what you search for and what sites…
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March 20, 2024 0

Så rensar du cachen på en iPhone: En enkel guide

Att rensa din iPhones cache kan frigöra värdefullt lagringsutrymme på din enhet och även förbättra prestandan. Tyvärr är det inte helt rättframt att rensa din appcache på en iPhone eftersom iOS inte erbjuder någon inbyggd funktion för det. Här följer en guide som spar dig tid när du vill rensa cachen och tredjepartskakor från din…
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March 14, 2024 0

How important is protecting your privacy in the age of targeted advertising?

General awareness of online privacy is now better than ever, and targeted ads raise questions among users. This article explains how targeted marketing works and what it looks like in practice. Keep reading to learn how this type of advertising relates to your online privacy and how to protect it. Contents What is targeted advertising?…
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December 21, 2023 0

What a VPN hides (and what it doesn’t)

A virtual private network encrypts your data traffic and changes your IP address for more online privacy and security. But what does that mean — and what does a VPN actually hide? While VPN encryption can boost your online security and privacy, a VPN won’t hide all your online activity. Here’s what VPNs hide, what…
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December 13, 2023 0

Evästeiden poisto Chromesta, Firefoxista, Operasta ja muista selaimista

Kaikilla vierailemillasi verkkosivustoilla jaetaan käyttäjille evästeitä. Osa näistä evästeistä parantaa selauskokemustasi, mutta monet ovat myös uhka yksityisyydellesi. Katso alta, miten evästeet poistetaan ja miten voit hallita evästeasetuksia jatkossa. Sisällysluettelo Mitä evästeet ovat? Erilaisia evästetyyppejä Istuntokohtaiset evästeet Pysyvät evästeet Kolmannen osapuolen evästeet Superevästeet Onko evästeistä haittaa? Näin evästeiden poistaminen tapahtuu Tietokoneella Mobiililaitteella Mitä evästeet ovat? Evästeet,…
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December 10, 2023 0

Qu’est-ce que les cookies tiers et comment fonctionnent-ils ?

Alors que vous naviguez tranquillement sur un site web, vous tombez soudain sur une publicité pour un article que vous avez consulté un peu plus tôt sur un autre site. Comment les annonceurs arrivent-ils à vous suivre de cette façon sur Internet ? Réponse : en utilisant des cookies tiers. Dans cet article, voyons quelles…
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November 22, 2023 0

What is a tracking pixel, and how does it work?

You’ve probably never seen a tracking pixel, but they’ve almost definitely appeared on your screen before. Tracking pixels allow companies to gather useful marketing information and assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. But what are they, exactly, and how do they work? Contents What is a tracking pixel? How tracking pixels work Inserting a tracking…
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September 27, 2023 0

Can private browsing be traced on the iPhone?

Private browsing is a helpful tool to hide your search history on many devices, including your iPhone. But have you ever wondered how much privacy the private window actually grants you? Let’s find out how effective Safari’s incognito mode is and how to enhance it. Contents What is private browsing? How to turn on private…
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August 6, 2023 0