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VPS vs. VPN: What’s the difference?

“VPS” and a “VPN” sound similar, but don’t get confused — they’re two different technologies that have nothing to do with each other. Since it’s common to mix them up, let’s explore their differences and discuss how you can benefit from each technology. Contents What is a VPS? How does a VPS work? What is…
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September 27, 2023 0

Docker vs. virtual machines: What’s the difference?

Docker and virtual machines (VMs) are technologies that shape how organizations deploy and run applications. While Docker uses containerization to ensure lightweight environments, VMs operate with a complete operating system, offering a more isolated experience. This blog post will explore the technical nuances of Docker and VM, including their advantages, disadvantages, and differences. Contents What…
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August 23, 2023 0

مقارنة بين شبكات الـ “في بي إن” وبرامج الحماية من الفيروسات: ما الفرق بينهما؟

يتمثل الاختلاف الرئيسي بين الشبكة الافتراضية الخاصّة (في بي إن) وبرامج الحماية من الفيروسات في قدرة الأولى على توفير أقصى مستويات الحماية للبيانات أثناء نقلها باستخدام تقنيات التشفير، بينما تكتفي برامج مكافحة الفيروسات بحماية جهازك من خطر الإصابة بالبرمجيات الخبيثة. ومع ذلك، فقد بدأت شبكات الـ “في بي إن” وبرامج مكافحة الفيروسات في تقديم المزيد…
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July 20, 2023 0

Hashing vs. encryption: What’s the difference?

While encryption is one of the best and most popular online protection tools, it’s not the only way to shield your data. Take hashing, for example. While it’s similar to encryption, there are differences in how it works and where it can be used. But what is hashing? And how does it work? Contents What…
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July 12, 2023 0

DNS, VPN and Smart DNS: Which is right for you?

While custom DNS, SmartDNS, and VPN have overlapping functionalities, they use various technologies and offer different services. A VPN is designed to improve online privacy and security, while DNS and SmartDNS services are for user convenience. Let’s examine how DNS, SmartDNS, and VPNs work and their main differences. Contents What is DNS? What is SmartDNS?…
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June 29, 2023 0