, The Most MIND-BLOWING Level In Mario Maker 2 History…, Don't Watch Me
, The Most MIND-BLOWING Level In Mario Maker 2 History…, Don't Watch Me


Today I have the privledge of showing off the latest levels from week 4 of the 4YMM project!! The 4YMM project is a collaborative effort of amazing creators making some of the BEST LEVELS available in the game! Check out the 4YMM website here: https://4ymm.warp.world/ Week 4's levels: Displacement Activity: FBM-39Q-Y4G
The Power-Up Mash-Up: C9P-L0W-L2G
Uninvited Picnic Guests: 9DT-FMK-BHF
Wildflower: 907-9LG-YVG
Muncherous Temple: CHL-MQP-WJF
Master of the Rhythms: RPG-94Q-J6G
The Hole in the Wall: WHB-M14-8QG
Mortal Koopas: Y2T-XLV-YDF This was livestreamed and converted into a video by Low_On_Life: https://www.twitch.tv/low_on_life
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