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What is two-factor authentication and how to enable it

If you think a password is enough to protect your account, think again. In the age of cybercrime and high-tech hackers, you need something more sophisticated. You need two-factor authentication (2FA). Contents What is two-factor authentication? What are the benefits of 2FA What are the authentication methods for 2FA Examples of two-factor authentication How to…
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January 16, 2024 0

What is 3D Secure and how does it work?

The 3D Secure protocol can make cardless online payments more secure. A growing number of card providers, including Visa and Mastercard, have now adopted the protocol. In this article, we’ll explain what 3D Secure is and how it works. Contents What is 3D Secure? How 3D Secure works Benefits of 3D Secure How to know…
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January 2, 2024 0

Como ativar a autenticação de 2 fatores

Se acha que uma password é suficiente para proteger a sua conta, pense novamente. Na era do cibercrime e dos hackers tecnológicos, você precisa de algo mais sofisticado. Precisa da autenticação de dois fatores (2FA – two-factor authentication). Tabela de Conteúdo O que é a autenticação de dois fatores? Porque precisamos da 2FA? Qual a…
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December 7, 2023 0

What is phishing detection, and what strategies should you use?

Phishing (a type of cyberattack that causes its victims to leak sensitive information or compromise security measures) continues to be one of the top security threats today. To counteract this danger, individuals and organizations need to implement effective measures for identifying phishing attacks and increasing their resilience against them. But what exactly are the tools…
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November 30, 2023 0


如果您認為密碼就足以保護自己的帳戶,還請三思。在網路犯罪和高科技駭客猖獗的時代,您需要更精密複雜的保護措施。您需要雙重認證(2FA)。 內容 雙重認證是什麼? 為何需要使用 2FA? 2FA 和 2SV 有何不同? 如何啟用 2FA 啟用 macOS 的 2FA 啟用 iOS 的 2FA 啟用 Google 的 2FA 啟用 Windows 10 和 11 的 2FA 為何不該使用簡訊進行 2FA 其他 2FA 方法 2FA 第三方應用程式 這是保護帳戶免於網路犯罪份子攻擊的首選方法之一。目前,包含 Apple 的作業系統、Google Drive、Windows 10 和 11,以及熱門社群網路在內的多款服務都有在使用 2FA,其是一種簡單又有效的安全解決方法。 雙重認證是什麼? 雙重認證是為帳戶增添額外安全防護層的過程,可使不法份子難以攻擊和竊取您的資料。要存取受 2FA 保護的設定檔,需要兩個要素: 您知道的內容(密碼或 PIN 碼) 您擁有的東西(對特定裝置的存取權) 使用 2FA,每次登入帳戶時,都會先要求您輸入密碼。然後,一次性代碼便會自動傳送到您的手機上;如果您也能夠證明自己是裝置所有者,就可以登入。…
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November 28, 2023 0