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What is a subnet mask? A comprehensive guide

A subnet mask allows you to split networks into multiple smaller subnetworks. In this article, we’ll explain how subnet masks work and give you clear instructions for finding your subnet mask on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Contents Subnet and subnetting explained What is a subnet mask? How do you find the subnet mask? On…
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December 7, 2023 0

What is a subnet and subnetting? A comprehensive guide

Subnetting breaks networks up into smaller parts, improving performance, security, and stability. In this article, we’ll define subnets and subnetting, explain how the process of subnetting works, and outline the key benefits of a subnet. Contents What is a subnet and subnetting? How does subnetting work? What are subnets used for? Challenges and common mistakes…
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November 10, 2023 0