SASE explained: Definition, importance, and main benefits

SASE is a cloud-native structure that combines networking and security functions in a single platform. It represents a significant shift toward more flexible and seamless internal networks that bring security closer to the users. Let’s take a look into the main features of SASE and what benefits it can bring. Contents What is SASE? How…
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August 10, 2023 0

SD-WAN vs. VPN: A detailed comparison

SD-WANs and VPNs are networking solutions that provide some overlapping benefits to businesses. However, these technologies have very different purposes. Let’s look at how SD-WAN solutions work, their advantages, and how they compare to virtual private networks. Contents What is an SD-WAN? SD-WANs vs. VPNs SD-WANs vs. MPLS SD-WANs vs. WANs Frequently asked questions What…
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August 9, 2023 0