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Käyttäjän manipulointi: 12 esimerkkiä

Monet ajattelevat olevansa liian fiksuja tullakseen huijatuksi – myös he, joille niin käy. Käyttäjän manipulointi -hyökkäyksissä (englanniksi social engineering, suomeksi myös sosiaalinen manipulointi) hakkerit, huijarit ja varkaat käyttävät monenlaisia tekniikoita arvokkaiden tietojen varastamiseen. Katso alta, minkälaisia strategioita käyttäjien manipulointi -hyökkäyksiin käytetään, jotta osaat varoa niitä. Mitä käyttäjän manipulointi tarkoittaa? Käyttäjän manipuloinnin määritelmä Käyttäjän manipulointi tarkoittaa…
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February 8, 2024 0

Main types of password attacks and vulnerabilities and how to prevent them

Password attacks are some of the most common ways cyberattackers can gain access to sensitive accounts and personal data. What makes password attacks in cybersecurity so troublesome to deal with is that all it takes is one weak link for malicious actors to gain access to sensitive data. Here’s what you need to be aware…
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February 6, 2024 0

Un VPN vous protège-t-il contre les pirates informatiques ?

Un VPN renforce votre sécurité et votre confidentialité en ligne de nombreuses façons, qu’il s’agisse de chiffrer vos données ou de masquer votre adresse IP. Mais vous protège-t-il des pirates informatiques ? Découvrez si un VPN peut vous protéger des cyberattaques et quelles autres mesures de sécurité vous pouvez prendre pour vous protéger. Comment un…
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February 5, 2024 0

Instagram hackeado: Tudo o que precisa saber

Ontem carregou fotos na sua conta de Instagram e trocou comentários com amigos, mas agora algo está errado. Você tenta entrar no Instagram como habitualmente – mas… acesso negado. Depois de uma rápida pesquisa online, percebe que a sua conta de Instagram foi hackeada. Neste artigo, vamos mostrar-lhe como proteger o seu Instagram e evitar…
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February 4, 2024 0

Spear phishing attacks: Definition, recognition, and protection

Spear phishing is a type of phishing directed not at random people but at selected individuals and companies. Spear phishers usually polish their tactics to improve their success rate. Learn more about spear phishing and why it is vitally important to identify it and educate others. Contents What is spear phishing? How to spot a…
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January 31, 2024 0

7 milioni di italiani colpiti dal phishing

L’impatto del phishing in Italia è molto più rilevante di quanto si potrebbe pensare. A evidenziare con forza questa minaccia, ci ha pensato un recente sondaggio commissionato da NordVPN. Ecco alcuni dei numeri più rilevanti: 7, come i milioni di italiani che hanno subito attacchi di phishing. 50%, come la percentuale della nostra popolazione che…
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January 26, 2024 0

What is spam, and how can you protect yourself from it?

Are you fed up with constant spam messages, robocalls, and junk mail? At best, they’re annoying. At worst, they’re dangerous, infecting your device with malware and viruses. So, what is spam? And how can you prevent it? Contents What is spam? How to identify spam What types of spam are there? Examples of spam Why…
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January 21, 2024 0

Does Slack track your activity and location?

Slack is a hub for work-related communication that is used by many companies worldwide. However, as with many other online platforms, it tracks some of your online activity and can pinpoint your approximate location when you use the platform. Discover what Slack logs and how to gain more privacy when using its services. Contents Does…
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December 26, 2023 0

키로거(keylogger)란 무엇일까요?

키로거(keylogger)는 사용자가 키보드에 입력하는 모든 내용을 기록할 수 있는 악성 모니터링 도구입니다. 비밀번호, 은행 정보 및 기타 민감한 정보를 수집할 수 있는 키로거 프로그램의 작동 원리와 키로거로부터 자신을 보호하는 방법을 이 글에서 읽어보세요. 목차 키로거 정의 키로거는 바이러스인가요? 하드웨어 키로거와 소프트웨어 키로거 키로거를 합법적으로 사용할 수 있나요? 키로거는 인터넷 없이도 작동하나요? 키로거는 어떻게 사용자의 정보를…
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December 26, 2023 0

Can Google Critical Security Alert be a scam? Learn how to recognize it

The Google Critical Security Alert is designed to warn users whenever unauthorized entities try to access their Google account. However, cybercriminals have found ways to turn this security feature into a phishing scam. Discover how hackers use Google security alerts to their advantage and what to do if you receive a scam email. Contents What…
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December 21, 2023 0