Super Slick Longboard Tricks, Super Slick Longboard Tricks, Don't Watch Me

Super Slick Longboard Tricks

Jungle Man Films and Loaded Boards are proud to grace your eyes with a Film Noir masterpiece featuring our French ambassador Lotfi Lamaali.

Like any long-time resident of Paris, Lotfi sees the city of love in a different light than the typical tourist. In the busy streets, the contrast of high fashion and gritty street art provide a blending of worlds where one can float effortlessly in the ether of the avant garde.

Lotfi rides the Loaded Bhangra (flex 1), Paris Trucks, and Orangatang Fat Frees (86a).

Director: Joao Oliveira (@JongaMan, @JungleManFilms)
Camera: Marco Ferreira (@Marcoferreira02)
Rider: Lotfi Lamaali (@LotfiWoodWalker)

By Mike

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