NordVPN now available from the Snapcraft app store

NordVPN now available from the Snapcraft app store

June 11, 2024 privacy 0

If you’re a Linux user who values cybersecurity above all else, you’ll be pleased to know that NordVPN is now available through the Snapcraft app store. Which means that starting May, you may (yes, the pun is very much intended) download one of the most secure Linux VPNs from the Snap store instead of using terminal commands. Why should I get NordVPN through Snapcraft? With the NordVPN app available from the Snap store, Linux users can set up their VPN in minutes without using complex commands. In addition, the NordVPN Snapcraft app: Spans more Linux systems. The NordVPN Snap package works on a wide range of Linux systems, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Allows one-click install. Forget complex commands! The NordVPN Snapcraft app installs everything you need with one click, getting you connected fast. Is always up to date and secure. Never miss an update – NordVPN on Snap automatically installs the latest security patches and features, keeping you protected without any effort. Adds extra isolation and protection. The NordVPN Snapcraft package runs in a secure container, keeping your system protected. Supports snapshot and rollback features. The NordVPN Snap package provides the ability to take snapshots of the application state before an update. If an update causes issues, users can easily rollback to the previous working version, enhancing reliability. You can access the NordVPN Snap package via the Linux Snapcraft store: Other ways to install NordVPN on Linux While installing NordVPN from the Snap store is the quickest and easiest way to set up a VPN for Linux, you can also do so in alternative ways by following these instructions. Before installing NordVPN manually, make sure to get an active NordVPN subscription and remember that configuration interfaces and instructions may differ depending on which Linux distribution you have. Finally, if you change your mind, you can always skip the manual installation and download the NordVPN app from the Linux Snap store.

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