NordVPN for Windows: Release notes

NordVPN for Windows: Release notes

September 4, 2023 privacy 0
This is the place for the historical record of improvements and tweaks in the NordVPN app for Windows. Updating the app lets you enjoy the freshest online and privacy experience with NordVPN, and this makes us happy. That’s a win-win.

NordVPN 7.12

We’ve given a speed boost for connections between peer devices in Meshnet. While routing traffic through a Windows device, you can access its local network whether it’s connected to VPN or not. The app is a little less RAM-hungry now. Fixed: The map zooms in correctly again when you connect to VPN for the first time.

NordVPN 7.11

When adding, rearranging, or removing custom DNS servers, we’ll ask you to reconnect to VPN to apply changes. File sharing via Meshnet works regardless of the remote access permission status. The app is now available in Polish. Fixed: Zooming into the map is smooth again. Fixed: We’ve got rid of the bug, which was randomly preventing the app from launching.

NordVPN 7.10

We’re bringing NordVPN closer to people all over the world. This time, we’ve added two new languages: Dutch and Swedish.

NordVPN 7.9

The app is now available in Brazilian Portuguese. You may need to restart your app or PC to complete the update. If that happens, you’ll see a message in Settings. We’ll notify you if a file transfer was not received or only some of the files were downloaded. We’ve added links to how-to articles in Meshnet so you can get timely answers to your questions.

NordVPN 7.8

You probably enjoy the time looking at the NordVPN logo while waiting for the app to start up. Who wouldn’t, right? However, we’ve shortened this waiting time as the app now launches faster. We continue working on this, so expect even more speed in the future. We’ll notify you when the files someone sent you over Meshnet finish downloading. Threat Protection and Meshnet got that extra stability push.

NordVPN 7.7

Need a break from Threat Protection? Pause web protection and file protection for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours. For even smoother file sharing over Meshnet, you can now set transfers from a specific device to be accepted automatically. This way, we won’t ask you to approve each transfer – files will start downloading automatically. Under-the-hood improvements that will connect you to VPN even faster. Fixed: The bug that trapped some of our users in the login screen is gone now. We solved a part of the cases of users unexpectedly losing their internet connection, and we’re in the process of solving the remaining ones.

NordVPN 7.6

Zoom in, zoom out. The map zooming is way smoother now. In web protection, we’ve relocated the list of domains you choose to exclude from threat blocking. It now has a separate tab – “Excluded domains.” This way, you’ll have a clear view of the web protection activity and the domains you have excluded.

NordVPN 7.5

We’ve redesigned the Threat Protection experience! Threat Protection is now divided into “Web protection” and “File protection” for more clarity and convenience. The automatic VPN protocol selection is even smarter now. Choose the “Auto (Recommended)” option for your protocol settings for the best VPN performance. Fixed: The issue of Threat Protection suddenly causing high CPU usage and network problems (*ouch*) has been solved.

NordVPN 7.4

Threat Protection now detects files with double extensions! Imagine that somebody sends you a file named KEYBOARD-CAT.GIF.exe. At first glance, you would probably expect nothing more than the classic internet meme of an orange tabby cat in a shirt playing a keyboard. However, it may be a virus masqueraded with double extensions: the fake .GIF and the actual .exe. That’s what cyber attackers do. Threat Protection fends off malicious files immediately. If a file with double extensions looks safe after our scans, we’ll notify you so you can handle it with caution.

NordVPN 7.3

We’ve revamped the Internet Kill Switch by splitting it into two options. The first one (and the default one) disables internet access if a VPN connection drops unexpectedly. The second one disables the internet even when you disconnect from VPN manually, which means you only have VPN-protected internet access. Choose the option that meets your online protection needs! As the holidays are fast approaching, we’ve been working on our app’s naughty-or-nice score. A bunch of mischievous bugs have been dispatched with a mission of no return.

NordVPN 7.1

Back by popular demand – the option to maximize the app. New option for auto-connect: Now, you can set VPN to auto-connect on mobile networks only. You can also make a setting combo: auto-connect on mobile and Wi-Fi networks, on mobile networks and Ethernet, or stay connected to VPN at all times. A few ghoulish bugs are nothing but a distant memory. It’s Spooktober, after all.

NordVPN 7.0

Spoiler alert: many exciting things ahead! New app design – totally refreshed look and feel! All to make your NordVPN experience more delightful. Dark mode. Now you can choose what makes your eyes happier. There’s a newbie in the left sidebar hood – Dark Web Monitor. We’ve moved it to make it quicker for you to see leaks and take action to protect your accounts. We’ve revamped the auto-connect setup for clarity. No muss, no fuss.. More languages: You can now use the app in Italian and Korean. New convenient functions have come to Meshnet: Each device now shows whether it’s online or offline, which is handy when you’re picking a device to route all your traffic through. You can start routing traffic through another computer straight from the list of your linked devices. When routing traffic through a linked computer, you’ll have access to its local network devices instead of yours – if the linked computer has granted this permission to you. And the other way around: you can allow or block access to your local network for each device that’s routing traffic through your computer.

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