NordVPN browser extension: Release notes

NordVPN browser extension: Release notes

January 17, 2024 privacy 0
The latest version is the best version, as our security experts say. Learn what’s new and what’s gotten better in the NordVPN proxy browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

NordVPN 3.9

Logging out and logging back in to the extension no longer resets your settings. A bunch of minor fixes and improvements for a smoother NordVPN experience.

NordVPN 3.8

New: Location spoofing. Now you can set your browser to use the location and time zone of a proxy server you’re connected to. A bunch of pesky bugs won’t be bugging you anymore.

NordVPN 3.7

Knock knock! Who’s there? It’s just us trying to make your NordVPN experience better than ever. This time, the app update comes with under-the-hood tweaks and minor bug fixes.

NordVPN 3.6

After a browser restart, there was no message to inform you about Kill Switch preventing you from opening a website without a VPN. Now we’ve fixed it, and the message is back. Fixed: We’ve removed the culprit responsible for getting the extension stuck in the “offline” status longer than needed.

NordVPN 3.5

Navigation improvements in the country list and clearer “offline” status for a better app experience.

NordVPN 3.4

New: Kill Switch. Turn it on to block the browser from accessing the internet when not connected to a VPN. Fixed: The scroll option went missing for notifications with extra content. It was lost, but now it’s found. Fixed: We’ve noticed that a button in the connection card sometimes moves from its place. It’s all pixel-perfect again.

NordVPN 3.0

It’s lightweight, it’s secure, and it’s better than ever. We’ve redesigned the NordVPN browser extension from the ground up so that you can enjoy a more delightful experience and smoother performance. The key highlights: Bottom navigation: It holds handy shortcuts to VPN, settings, help resources, and notifications. Settings are split into three categories: “General,” “Connection,” and “Security and privacy.” That’s to save you time and clicks. Dark mode: Now you can choose what makes your eyes happier! Announcement area: That’s a dedicated space that will inform you about available updates and new features, give you tips on how to get the most out of the browser extension, and show offers you can benefit from.

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