How To Opt Out of SageStream – And Why You Should Do It

How To Opt Out of SageStream – And Why You Should Do It

December 11, 2023 privacy 0

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to opt out of SageStream.

This guide will walk you through each step, whether you want to remove your listing from their directory or help someone else.

Keep reading to learn how to opt out of SageStream and take charge of your personal information.

What is SageStream?

SageStream, a subsidiary of LexisNexis, operates as a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

SageStream collects information from diverse sources, including public records, credit bureaus, commercial databases, and social media. They compile this data to generate consumer reports that lenders, insurers, and businesses rely on to make significant choices regarding credit, employment, and insurance.

Given the extensive data collection, taking steps to remove your personal information from SageStream is crucial for maintaining your privacy and security.

Why should I opt out of SageStream?

SageStream includes your name and address in lists used by creditors and insurers for sending unsolicited credit and insurance offers. However, the decision about being on these lists is yours to make.

You can opt out by requesting your name and address to be removed from SageStream’s lists. This stops you from receiving unsolicited credit and insurance offers. By doing so, you gain greater control over the offers you receive, protecting your privacy and reducing unwanted communications.

How to opt out of SageStream

Opting out of SageStream online is simple with the following steps.

How to opt out of SageStream:

  1. Visit SageStream’s opt-out page at
  2. Click on the highlighted Opt-Out Election Form link.
  3. Provide the required information.
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA.
  5. Click the Submit button.

You can also opt out by emailing the completed Opt-Out Election Form or calling their toll-free line.

Removing your name and address from prescreening lists won’t affect your ability to get credit or insurance. While SageStream will remove your details from their lists for firm credit or insurance offers, you may still receive offers from other sources unrelated to SageStream.

How to remove yourself from other people-search sites

SageStream is one of many data brokers consistently gathering and trading your personal information. Some of these controversial websites include:

  • Truthfinder
  • BeenVerified
  • Spokeo
  • USSearch
  • PeopleFinders
  • ZabaSearch
  • Pipl
  • PeopleLooker
  • Instant Checkmate

Opting out of each site individually can be time-consuming. Consider using dedicated data removal services to remove your personal information from these platforms efficiently.

These services typically involve a monthly fee and ensure the permanent removal of your data from various data brokers and people-search sites.

The best service to opt out of people-search sites

Now, let’s consider the best service in a little more detail.

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How to opt out of SageStream – FAQs

[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Is SageStream legitimate?” answer=”

Yes, SageStream is a legitimate credit reporting agency that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It is now a part of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. SageStream’s primary role involves providing consumer reports and credit scores to various businesses, including credit card issuers, retailers, and wireless telephone service providers.

Despite its legitimacy, consumers have raised concerns. Some individuals have pointed out inaccuracies in the information presented by SageStream and faced challenges when trying to rectify these errors.

Moreover, a few consumers have voiced dissatisfaction regarding unanticipated fees SageStream charges for services they didn’t request.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Will opting out affect my ability to get credit or insurance?” answer=”

No, deciding to opt out of pre-screened credit and insurance offers won’t impact your ability to obtain credit or insurance when needed. Lenders and insurance providers can still access your credit report when you apply for credit or insurance, regardless of whether you’ve chosen to opt out of pre-screened offers.

Opting out simply means you won’t receive pre-approved credit and insurance offers in your mailbox. It doesn’t affect your eligibility for credit or insurance in any way.

Opting out might enhance your chances of getting approved for a loan or insurance policy. This is because lenders and insurers often view individuals who opt out of pre-screened offers as financially responsible consumers. It can work in your favor by showing that you’re a conscientious borrower or policyholder.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Is there a cost to opt out of SageStream?” answer=”

Opting out of SageStream is free; there are no associated costs.

You have a few options to opt out of SageStream: 

  • Complete their online Opt-Out Election Form 
  • Send it to SageStream via mail
  • Call their toll-free number

However, services like Incogni can streamline the process of opting out of multiple data brokers simultaneously. These services typically come with a fee, either on a monthly or annual basis. The exact cost depends on the specific service and the level of protection you select.

A data removal service can be valuable if you’re concerned about your online privacy and are willing to invest in safeguarding your information. While there’s a cost involved, it can save you time and effort, offering enhanced protection for your data.

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[[post-object type=”accordion” question=”Can I opt out of SageStream for a family member?” answer=”

Yes, you can opt out of SageStream for a family member online, by mail, or by phone.

To do this, you must provide SageStream with the family member’s name, Social Security number, and date of birth. You can also provide SageStream with a copy of the family member’s government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.

It is important to note that you must have the family member’s permission before opting them out of SageStream.

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