5 Best Amazon S3 User Interface Tools in 2023

5 Best Amazon S3 User Interface Tools in 2023

December 22, 2023 privacy 0

Amazon S3 is an incredibly useful Storage as a Service (SaaS) product, notable for the scalability of its object storage infrastructure which leverages Amazon’s global e-commerce network.

What are the best Amazon S3 UI tools?

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Unlike more consumer-facing products such as Dropbox or Google Drive, Amazon S3 is aimed squarely at developers who are comfortable accessing their storage space using a command-line interface. 

Fortunately for those who prefer to manage their files in a more user-friendly way, there are a variety of tools available which allow you to interact with data stored on Amazon S3 cloud servers using a GUI interface.

5 Best Amazon S3 UI tools: In-depth analysis

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Does Amazon have an ETL tool?

Yes, Amazon provides an ETL tool called AWS Glue. It’s a handy service that makes it easier to work with data from different sources, preparing it for things like analytics and machine learning. AWS Glue can automatically start ETL jobs when new data comes in. In addition, with AWS Glue Studio, you can visually create and monitor these jobs. It even has other features to help manage data quality. While Amazon does offer other tools like AWS Kinesis and AWS Data Pipeline, AWS Glue is their primary ETL tool of choice.

Final thoughts

Amazon S3 is a useful web service that offers unlimited storage at a very affordable price. For many users, however, accessing it via the AWS Command-Line Interface (CLI) is akin to having their teeth extracted.

The above tools provide a much more user-friendly way to manage files uploaded to your server space. And most of them are, at least to some extent, free! 

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